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"I miss dinosaurs."

"Evolution, we’ve talked about this."

"But I miss them.”

"You turned them into birds, remember? It was the best you could do, given the circumstances.”

"It’s not the same."

"I know. I’m sorry."

"Can I at least make these cassowaries 50 feet tall?"

"Come on, you know that size didn’t work out so well before."

"Six feet, then? And over 100 pounds?"

"Yeah, that sounds better."

"And can I put weird prehistoric crests on their heads?"

"I don’t see why not."

"And can they slash people’s throats with their dagger claws?”

"Sure, pal, if that would make you feel better."

"I think it would. Thanks for understanding."

"You got it, evolution. Anytime."

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

"Where do you want to put it?"

"With everything else, in Australia."

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Stephanie Beatriz at Nylon Magazine’s “America The Issue” party on November 1st, 2013 (x)

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This started out as a feminist post but now it’s just my girls teaching others a lesson. I’ll add some later.

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What makes me so happy about this is that she isn’t telling you you must love your body or that you are obligated to. She saying you have permission to. And that’s important, because there are a lot of reasons why people have trouble with self-love.  But the idea that you aren’t supposed to love your body, that you aren’t allowed to for whatever reason, needs to be crushed. If you can’t love you body right now, if your body causes you pain or disphoria or distress, you aren’t required to love it. But you are ALLOWED to. You are entitled to the chance to make peace with your body, if you ever reach a point where you are ready to. No one else should be trying to stop you.

beautifully said ^

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Can everyone just take a moment to think about the fact that they are married in real life

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Lepidoptera by Keisuke Ito, c. 1850s

Actias artemis / Saturniidae
Smerinthus planus
Papilio machaon hippocrates / Papilio orotenor demetrius
Smerinthus planus II


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Twilight may be trash but at least they cast actual native americans to play natives

That is a serious burn for a LOT of movies.  I’m not sure we have enough burn cream for this.

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there’s always a white boy in every class that just talks and talks and talks like timothy stop just write it down!! make a mental note!!! wait till after class and tell ya friends on reddit!!

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A Swedish woman hitting a neo-Nazi protester with her handbag. The woman was reportedly a concentration camp survivor. [1985]

Volunteers learn how to fight fires at Pearl Harbor [c. 1941 - 1945]

A 106-year old Armenian woman protecting her home with an AK-47. [1990]

Komako Kimura, a prominent Japanese suffragist at a march in New York. [October 23, 1917]

Erika, a 15-year-old Hungarian fighter who fought for freedom against the Soviet Union. [October 1956]

Sarla Thakral, 21 years old, the first Indian woman to earn a pilot license. [1936]

Voting activist Annie Lumpkins at the Little Rock city jail. [1961]  

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Source with more wonderful photos

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  • Mindy: Are you making sausage and meatballs? It's okay if you're not, I just want to mentally prepare for disappointment.
  • Danny: I'm making both.
  • Mindy: Oh thank God.


the last one is definitely my favorite
con stories under the read more:)

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jay adams, circa 1975 in Hawaii